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VAST Satellite Service Registration for Travellers Only
Only for mobile receiving equipment installed in caravans, mobile homes and the like, work camps and watercraft.
See VAST Certified Decoder Manufacturers here
Duplicate Owner/Decoder Registration
1. If you intend to renew your expired traveller's registration please click here
2. If you have travelled into a new state and wish to change over state services please send through an online enquiry here
3. If this decoder has recently been registered please wait for processing.
  * - Denotes required information
New Owner: If you are the new owner of a 2nd hand or refurbished decoder please select this box.
Smartcard Number: * Finding the Decoder Smartcard?
First Name:  *
Last Name: *
Company (if applic.):
Postal Address: *
Town/City: *
State: *
Post Code: *
Phone: *
* A valid owner email address is required for verification and processing. Incorrect contact information will result in the removal of services.
Re-enter Email:
State: Selecting a state will determine what services are enabled on your decoder.
Western Australia travellers are now eligible for WA services.
Work Camps only
Site Address:
Smartcard Number: * Finding the Decoder Smartcard?
Extra Information:
Privacy: VAST Broadcasters are sometimes asked to provide ratings agencies with details of our viewers for ratings purposes.  Do you have any objection them providing your details?
DECLARATION Tick to confirm
I am applying for access to the VAST services using mobile receiving equipment whilst in areas where adequate digital terrestrial television reception is unlikely.
I understand that I will be issued with a temporary Reception Certificate to access VAST for a fixed period of 6 months from the date of issue.
I understand this Reception Certificate will expire at the end of this 6 month period and the services will be withdrawn.
I understand that I may apply for a further temporary Reception Certificate by renewing the certificate online no earlier than 4 weeks prior to the expiration of the temporary Reception Certificate.
(The extension form is available here or phone 1300 993 376)
I understand that the VAST services are state based and I will need to contact the VAST call centre when I have travelled to a new area within another state and require the services for that state.
  Your decoder may be activated with all the Commercial, ABC & SBS Channels for your area. Please ensure your decoder is turned on and that you can already receive Channel 800. This will ensure that you receive the activation after submitting this form. Your decoder will still receive the activation signals if powered up at a later time, but there may be a delay.
  Please note that decoder registration processing and activation usually occurs within 48 hours of the next business day.
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