The VAST™ Self Service Line has recently been updated. Please review the services offered at Self Service

Please note:

  1. Only existing approved and activated registrations can be renewed.
  2. The 6 month renewal may only occur within 31 days (1 month) of the current renewal date or any time thereafter.
  3. This process does not bypass the approval process.
  4. Details provided used for verification.

Traveller's Registration Renewal

Traveller's can use this page to renew their Temporary Reception Certificate.
Your name and smart card number must be entered for verification.

The temporary certificate can also be renewed using the VAST™ Self Service phone line, available 24/7.
Self Service Information

Please provide your First Name
Please provide your Last Name
Please provide your Smart Card Number

Please be patient. If the renewal is validated the reactivation may take up to 30 seconds. Any error during this process may require attention by the VAST™ Call Centre during normal business hours.