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VAST Self Service Line

VAST has available a Phone Self Service Line to give VAST decoder owners access to certain services directly by a phone call to an automated system. The services available are currently limited and more services may be available as call activaity is monitored and the service developed.

Some services will be restricted to validated Caller IDs to prevent abuse by 3rd parties. This will involve monitoring incoming call activity.
If your contact information provided with the initial VAST application has changed you will need to update your contact details by emailing VAST
or using the online enquiry form.

This Self Service Line will operate after hours and at times during the normal business day when the call centre staff are on a break or actioning recent applications and enquires.
Please be patient.

Current Services

  • Decoder Rehit
  • Application / Decoder Status
  • Travellers State Change - Only actioned if the owner's Caller ID matches the VAST record

How To Use VAST Self Service

Call Centre and Self Service Line: 1300 993 376

The self service line is driven by a speech-based menu system where you respond by pressing the required number(s) on your phone/mobile. You will hear some introductory information first, including the reminder to enter in your smartcard number. This is then followed by the main menu options.

Please ensure that your equipment is setup, the smartcard is in the VAST decoder and the decoder is receiving a VAST signal for these functions to work.

First thing please press 2 for Option 2 and then as requested enter your smartcard number.

  • Option 2. You must enter a valid smartcard number using Option 2 before performing any other function. You may use Option 2 to enter a different smartcard number at any time.
  • Option 3. This option will send a Rehit to the smartcard entered. A Rehit may be used to recover from things like loss of service.
  • Option 4. Use this option to check the status of your application for VAST or the status of an activated decoder.
  • Option 5. If you have a traveller registration you may be able to change the current state based services by using this option. Next you will be prompted to enter a number corresponding to the state required. The phone number you are calling from is checked with the VAST record before the state change operation.
  • Option 9. Selecting this option will end the call.
  • Note call duration is automatically limited to prevent overuse.

Proposed Services

  • Travellers Temporary Certificate Renewal
More Information
Please read the information on this website, including this Information and Troubleshooting.
Check the Eligibility section and when ready apply here for Household installations or here for Travellers.
The Government Subsidy scheme for VAST is now finalised and the call centre closed.
For further information regarding VAST refer to ACMA.
Call Centre Ph: 1300 993 376
Hours: 9:00 - 4:30 (AEST) business days
Please note - VAST Call Centre only provides support for decoder registration and activation.
Please consult your decoder supplier, installer or manufacturer for any technical issues.
For Registration and Activation of smartcards, please call 1300 993 376 weekdays from 9:00am to 4:30pm (AEST)
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