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VAST Registration Process Steps

Permanent or Traveller Registration?

OVERVIEW: The VAST decoder can be registered as a permanent or traveller registration. A permanent registration is for households with a fixed installation of the decoder. A traveller registration covers people who as part of their travelling are in areas of Australia not covered by normal terrestrial television.

PERMANENT REGISTRATION: The location of a permanent installation must be assessed to determine if the household has the ability to receive normal terrestrial television. This is a broadcast license condition for VAST so that the VAST service does not encroach on the license area of existing terrestrial  commercial broadcasters.
This assessment is performed by the Government mySwitch web site.

  • Follow the "Satellite Decoder Online Registration" link on the home page of
  • Enter the residential address of the decoder location and press "Get Info"
  • This location is then assessed for the ability to receive signals from one or more local/regional terrestrial television transmitters. This assessment is indicated by the area under "Coverage summary" and on the regional map. The Red pin indicates the location of the residence. For addresses difficult to locate automatically the Red pin may be dragged across the map to indicate the actual location of the residence. This will also trigger the assessment process to indicate the signals in the new location.
  • If the address is assessed as being unsuitable for terrestrial reception you may continue the process to apply for VAST by following the link under "Satellite Summary (VAST) section.


  1. Follow "Satellite Decoder Online Registration" link to mySwitch web site
  2. Enter residential address and press "Get Info"
  3. Read information about terrestrial television signal suitability.
  4. If a suitable terrestrial signal cannot be received got to the section "Satellite Summary (VAST)" and press the "Find Out More" button.
  5. Read information regarding VAST and then press the "More information" button.
  6. Read information supplied and then proceed to the "Applying for VAST" section. Select the correct option and then press Apply.
  7. Read the confirmation information and then press Apply.
  8. A new web page will open on the MySatTV web site. This is the registration page. Fill in all the required information and press "Submit Application".
  9. Wait for a response from VAST. Depending on the location and type of registration your decoder may have been activated within a couple of minutes.
  10. Some applications will require further processing by the VAST Call Centre, this may take up to 2 business days.

TRAVELLER REGISTRATION: The traveller registration provides access to the VAST service through a Temporary Reception Certificate.


  • A Traveller's Registration is based on a Temporary Registration Certificate. This certificate lasts for 6 months, and then the Commercial television services will be removed.
  • The services accessible are determined by the State where you are travelling.
  • As you move from State to State you must advise the VAST Call Centre by phone, email or online enquiry form what services you require.
  • You may renew the temporary certificate within one month of expiration, or any time after expiration. The renewal can be performed online (preferred option), or by calling the VAST Call Centre.


  1. Follow link to "Traveller's Registration" on the MySatTV
  2. Enter the required owners and decoder details.
  3. Select and confirm the statements in the Declaration section and press "Submit Application".
  4. Wait for a response from VAST. Depending on the location and type of registration your decoder may have been activated within a couple of minutes.
  5. The processing of a new decoder application may take up to 2 business days.

More Information
Please read the information on this website, including this Information and Troubleshooting.
Check the Eligibility section and when ready apply here for Household installations or here for Travellers.
The Government Subsidy scheme for VAST is now finalised and the call centre closed.
For further information regarding VAST refer to ACMA.
Call Centre Ph: 1300 993 376
Hours: 8:00 - 4:30 (AEST) business days
Please note - VAST Call Centre only provides support for decoder registration and activation.
Please consult your decoder supplier, installer or manufacturer for any technical issues.
For Registration and Activation of smartcards, please call 1300 993 376 weekdays from 9:00am to 4:30pm (AEST)
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